04 december 2012

The European Pitchfork(s)

580377_542084292474258_1697966290_n.jpgEveryone knows about South by Southwest, Popkomm and Eurosonic but you might also want to keep an - some pun intended - eye on Glimps, which is rapidly growing into another showcase festival to be reckoned with. And no, I'm not just saying that because it takes place in my hometown Ghent - the birthplace of R&S, 2ManyDJs and the biggest binder of beautiful women on the planet.


Only in its second year, Glimps is about to set loose some eighty upcoming bands from all over Europe on twelve different locations all over town. I could give you a few pointers but A) there are just too many bands to choose from B) there are a couple of blogs out there who are way better-informed so I'll let them do the honours.


Talking about those blogs (and because showcase festivals need to involve serious talking), Glimps has asked me to moderate a 'debate' on Saturday December 15 about the importance of music blogs. The talk is called Pitchfork.eu and I'll be asking an English(wo)man (Ruth Saxelby, Dummy), a German (Henning Lahman, No Fear of Pop), a Spaniard (Jorge Mir, Listen Before You Buy) and a Belgian (Jarri Van Der Haegen, disco naïveté) about the meaning of their lifes, what upcoming bands need to do to the attract their attention, if they feel they can truly hype a new artist and if there is a need for a European Pitchfork. Per example.


Unless of course you think blogs are elitist and you'd rather rely on YouTube to discover new artists. Hey, whatever makes you happy!


The debate (for Glimps delegates) takes place on Saturday December 15 at Vooruit (Foyer Theaterzaal) from 11h10 until noon.