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ILT Interview: Boys Noize

i love techno,magazine,interview,boys noizeWith I Love Techno just around the corner, the new I Love Techno Magazine has also hit stores - including a couple interviews I did with some of this year's tastiest artists. I Love Techno didn't mind me throwing them online as well so here's the fifth and last one with Boys Noize (and be sure to also check out the previous ones with Mumbai Science, Brodinski, Chase and Status and Agoria)!


‘Middle finger you too!’

Ever since he first played I Love Techno in 2006, Boys Noize hasn’t missed one edition. ‘You might want to start calling me the new Dave Clarke’ – which is funny, because Dave Clarke is one the ‘new’ artists on Boysnoize Records.

First things first though: what’s your earliest recollection of I Love Techno?
BOYS NOIZE: ‘The great thing about my first time at the festival is that I got to play two times – pretty unforgettable. As a young and upcoming producer you hear these thing about this festival and you think ‘man, if only I could play there one day’. And then Stephen and David gave me a call and asked me if I wanted to open their room at I Love Techno and play in between Soulwax Nite Versions and 2ManyDJs. Duh! So I get there at eight o’clock – expecting to warm up for Justice and save my best records for when I have to play again later that night. But when the doors open, hundreds of people start running towards the DJ booth. Within fifteen minutes that whole room was packed – 5,000 people – and I wasn’t even that famous back then! That’s when I knew Belgian is a special place. So yeah, I had to come back every year since. Sorry, Dave, but I’m going after your record!’ (Laughs)

Okay, now you can tell about Dave Clarke and Boysnoize Records. Was that the big secret you tweeted about a couple of days ago?
BOYS NOIZE: ‘Oh, no. That’s something else: I’m releasing a track on – surprise, surprise – Cocoon Recordings! I did so many tracks over the years and some of them don’t feel 100% Boysnoize Records to me – including this old skool Carl Craig inspired tune that I play all the time. So I thought I’d give it to the Main Guy and luckily Sven (Väth) loved it. It’s coming out in September on Cocoon and then Dave is re-releasing his Red series on my label – featuring a couple of new remixes of course. It was his idea and I said ‘yes’ right away. I mean, he could have picked any big techno label in the world but he chose BNR. (Laughs) Call it a nice little middle finger to all the techno heads living in their own narrow-minded world.’


To confuse people even more: you’re also releasing the new Spank Rock album – one of the hottest hip-hop acts of the last five years.
BOYS NOIZE: ‘And I’m also very excited about that! To be honest: it’s a bit scary as well. Naeem (Juwan aka MC Spank Rock) is a really big star and obviously BNR isn’t a hip-hop label. Then again, the album sounds very electronic and the label has never been about one sound to begin with. It’s always been a place where artists can think out of the box and even crossover to other genres, which is exactly what I’m doing with Spank Rock right now.’

You’re also one of the producers of the album.
BOYS NOIZE: ‘Yes, and I ended up mixing the entire album as well. I met Naeem in the US – when he was really struggling to get his new album on track. Some people had let him down and I offered to help. Next thing you know: we’re in the studio in Berlin and he’s asking me if I also want to put out his album. I humbly agreed.’


I think you also just signed to young but very different producers: Audionite and Scientist.
BOYS NOIZE: ‘Very different indeed but both very talented as well. I actually found them after I somewhat jokingly remarked on Twitter that I needed more Germans on the label – and then people started sending me tons of links. Audionite and Scientist popped out – the former because of his dark electronic sound, the latter because he’s only 17 but he really knows his shit – from moody electronica to straight-up techno. He also progresses at an incredible speed so I expect a lot from him in the future.’

We recently made a discovery as well: a slowed-down version of Avalanche, the track you made with Erol Alkan.
BOYS NOIZE: ‘Yeah, this guy told me about it in LA. Crazy, man! I wouldn’t say I like it more than the original but I must admit it does sound very futuristic – in a good way. I’m also very excited about the new version of Avalanche we just finished with Jarvis Cocker – he’s singing on it. At first, we just asked him to sing over the original track but when we heard what he did – he reinterpreted the Leonard Cohen song of the same name – we got so excited that we started redoing the whole song to fit his vocals. Now it has an even more crazy energy. Plus: we’ve asked guys like Canblaster to make some new remixes for it.’

Before I forget: do you prepare something special when you play I Love Techno?
BOYS NOIZE: ‘I do! You know I still like playing smaller clubs in cities like Berlin, London and Amsterdam because it’s more fun and challenging than playing big festivals, where a lot people expect me to play my own stuff. Obviously, I Love Techno is a big festival too but I think it has the vibe of a small club. I can really play some deep stuff there, in line with the current state of electronic music, and I always include some cutting-edge techno as well. Like I said, it’s never about one style – not with me.’


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