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ILT Interview: Mumbai Science

iltdef.jpgWith I Love Techno just around the corner, the new I Love Techno Magazine has also hit stores - including a couple interviews I did with some of this year's tastiest artists. I Love Techno didn't mind me throwing them online as well so here's the first one with Mumbai Science!


#HURB is the word

Two of the new kids on the I Love Techno block this year are called Mumbai Science – quite possibly Dr. Lektroluv’s biggest discovery to date. The continued support from both their label boss and artists like Boys Noize, Erol Alkan and 2ManyDJs has put Maarten Elen and Jonas Kiesekoms clearly in the spotlight. Now, the two Belgian producers are ready to take over the world – ‘starting with I Love Techno!’

Did you used to visit I Love Techno as a rave kid?
JONAS: ‘Every year! No, wait. I wanted to come as soon as 2003 – the year I fell in love with Stanny Franssen’s I Love Techno Anthem – but I only got there for the first time in 2006. Like Justice and Boys Noize. (Laughs) I remember it being much bigger than I had imagined. I knew it was a big of course but I didn’t count on having to walk that much. Mind you, I had a terrific time and I enjoyed coming back every year.’


So what would be your most memorable I Love Techno set ever?
JONAS: ‘I would have to say MSTRKRFT in 2007. They closed the blue room that night and basically kept me on my feet until six in the morning. It was such an amazing set – I didn’t want it to stop.’

You’ve already toured the globe by now: is there any other festival in the world you can compare I Love Techno to?
JONAS: ‘No. And I’m not just saying that to kiss ass. The unique thing about I Love Techno is not just its size but also the fact that it’s so eclectic. The only other place we’ve been to that somewhat has the same vibe and diverse line-up is Ultra in Miami – but that’s outdoor. Don’t get me wrong: I like playing outdoor festivals but in the end electronic music still works best indoor – with the right sound system and the right lighting. And when it comes to indoor festivals, I Love Techno clearly has no competition to speak of.’

This past summer you’ve gotten even more support from international DJs than the year before. Whose support did you get most excited about?
JONAS: ‘Tiga’s – because he gave us the best compliment of the summer. A while ago we made an edit of his Burning Down track and sent it to him. Then someone told us he played it at Dour so when we caught up with him a couple of weeks later I asked him about it and he said he hated the edit. Man, I could literally feel my heart stop beating. Then he thanked us because he ended up playing it a party – the first time in years he played that song – and the crowd went wild. He said he didn’t get it at first but then he realized we had found a way to make the song relevant again. All of a sudden my heart was beating twice as fast.’ (Laughs)

Got any more edits or remixes coming up?
JONAS: ‘We recently did two remixes – one for Alex Gopher and one for Crookers’ Dr. Gonzo project – and now we’re in the studio working on our new EP. Hopefully, it’ll hit stores ahead of I Love Techno. We aim to finish four new tracks and maybe also include some remixes though we’re not sure about those yet. We feel it’s more important to focus on the new songs and to let people hear what excites us these days. So far, Mumbai Science has mainly been about making banger tracks while we also incorporate deeper techno sounds into our DJ sets. The new EP will reflect that. Plus: we’ve gotten really inspired these last couple of months so we just had to go back in the studio.’

How do you two get inspired?
JONAS: ‘By playing and dancing. When we’re playing, we often feel there’s a song missing in our record collection – a song that really fits the mood of the moment and would take the audience too an even, well, higher state of consciousness. Only trouble is: that song doesn’t exist or we haven’t found it yet. So we either have to look harder or simply make it ourselves. (Laughs) And as far as dancing goes, we’re not superstar DJs haunted by paparazzi yet so you can still catch us dancing at parties whenever we get the chance. Trust me: excellent way to get inspired.’

One last thing, what’s with the whole ‘hurb’ campaign?
JONAS: ‘Hurb is the word, bro! It’s like the next level of cool. Per example, when we play at a massive party – that’s hurb! Basically, it’s a word we came up with – together with the guys from Sound of Stereo. We even had stickers made for it. They’re all over Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Colorado and Leuven.’

We actually looked it up online and according to UrbanDictionary.com ‘hurb’ means loser.
JONAS: (Shocked) ‘What?! This changes everything of course. I will have to call a meeting with the hurb committee to address this issue. Oh, but wait: you mean ‘hurb’? Okay, see, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s spelled ‘#hurb’ – hashtag included. This is 2011, dude! We only speak in tweets.’



Leuk artikel! Ik kijk er al naar uit!
btw ik ben de uploader van de tweede video in dit artikel op youtube ;)

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