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ILT Interview: Brodinski

i love techo, magazine, interview, brodinskiWith I Love Techno just around the corner, the new I Love Techno Magazine has also hit stores - including a couple interviews I did with some of this year's tastiest artists. I Love Techno didn't mind me throwing them online as well so here's the second one with Brodinski! Find the first one with Mumbai Science here.


‘Techno is the new electro!’

Three years ago, Annie Mac called him ‘the most exciting DJ and producer to explode onto the scene.’ This year, Brodinski has already proven he is still on top of his game with a new release on Green Velvet’s label and now he’s also getting ready for his third visit to I Love Techno.

Let’s talk Green Velvet!
BRODINSKI: ‘Cool! Curtis (Jones a.k.a. Green Velvet) got in touch with me a while ago because he was relaunching his label Cajual Records and he wanted me on board. He asked me if I wanted to record an EP for him and I said yes – of course. Green Velvet has always been a hero of mine so doing something on his label (Brodinski released the EP Manifesto on Cajual’s sublabel Relief Records in February) was a dream come true.’

Do you remember who was most surprised when you told them the news?
BRODINSKI: ‘The kids! I think a lot of young people simply don’t know how big and important Cajual was in the ‘90s. They all expect me to release new music on trending labels like Turbo and Night Slugs but it was a really big thing for me to release an EP on Cajual. In the end though, most young people seemed to like it and my friends thought it was coolest thing in the world. I also heard that a couple of old people didn’t get it but I feel I really can’t be held responsible for everyone’s happiness.’ (Laughs)

First there’s you releasing new music on his label and now everyone starts playing Green Velvet’s Flash again.
BRODINSKI: ‘I think techno is getting back – it’s the new electro! Seriously though, people like Gesaffelstein and Len Faki are really pushing the boundaries of the genre again so it’s easy to see why people are also getting excited about it – again. Oh, and for the record: I love the Jamie Jones remix of Flash.’

Thanks for sharing and – come to think of it – discovering Gesaffelstein!
BRODINSKI: (Laughs) ‘I’m sure he would have had no problem making it on his own. I found out about him three years ago, when he released the EP Modern Walk on GoodLife. Later on I met him in Paris and introduced him to my management. I had a really good feeling about him – simple as that. We also get along really well: we’re often on tour together and in September we’re releasing a split single.’

Are you also still working with Yuksek every once in a while?
BRODINSKI: ‘Definitely. It’s just that he’s been really busy with his new album and now he’s also touring with a brand new live set. The Krays (the project they’ve been working on together) is still very much alive though; we’re just taking it easy right now. In the meantime I’ve got new remixes coming up for Gesaffelstein and Nero, and I just finished my FabricLive compilation. I thought I’d make it nice and slow – go deeper than before. I think it worked out really well and I can’t wait for it to come out in September.’

In a recent interview you listed Brussels as the party capital of the world while Paris barely made your top five. You don’t like it there anymore?
BRODINSKI: ‘I’m just hard on my own city, I guess. I love playing in Paris but at the same time I want Parisian nightlife to keep pushing the envelope. So I don’t want Paris to be number one because than everybody would become lazy and we’d fall from grace faster than you think. Besides, there’s definitely room for improvement – trust me. Brussels on the other hand is a magical party city: great people, great vibe, it’s just perfect. Also, whenever I’m in Belgium, I actually get to hear the songs I play on the radio. I find that truly amazing. We don’t have shows like Switch or radio stations like Studio Brussel in France – and that truly makes it even more exciting to play there.’

How did you enjoy playing I Love Techno in 2008 and 2009?
BRODINSKI: ‘I can’t even begin to describe what it was like. I think I Love Techno is one those festivals you wish you could play every year so when you actually get an invitation to come back the next year you feel like you’re in heaven. It’s one of five festivals in the world that really matter and I think DJs become addicted to it just as easily as visitors. In other words: yes, I’m hooked – for life.’


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