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Farewell, DJ Mehdi

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I didn't know him very well. We met a couple of times and I know he really liked the photo we took of him when he played at Couleur Café in Brussels in the summer of 2007. Of course, it was raining cats and dogs that day and he could have easily declined to do a shoot in that weather - but he didn't. In fact, in the end it was him who dragged us outside - 'in the name of photography'. We spent half an hour with him in the pouring rain that afternoon.


After that, we ran into each other from time to time and I remember him being kind and warm on every single occasion. Surprisingly, we never talked music - at least not that I recall - but from the stuff he made and played, you knew he was extremely passionate about it.


I didn't know him very well but I know he will be sorely missed by everyone who ever had the pleasure of being and/or dancing in his company.


Rest in peace.

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