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Music Video Gods: #28 Pleix

pleix-dogs.jpgAs MTV is (still) celebrating its 30th birthday this month, I'm listing up my 30 favorite music video directors of all time. Jonas Åkerlund landed at number 30, Walter Stern is number 29 and at number 28: Pleix!


Though not really a person (but a collective) and not even that much of a household/industry name, I guess you could call Pleix the odd one(s) out. The collective describes itself as 'a virtual community of digital media artists - graphic designers, 3D artists and musicians based in Paris' and they're somewhat sketchy about who's actually part of it: 'Composing of seven individuals, Pleix works on a shared philosophy at using moving art and music to showcase their subversive view of the world. So far this has manifested itself in several videos, adverts and installations that are all based on staples of contemporary culture.'


pleix_large.jpgFact of the matter is that they're combined graphic skills have generated a select number of interesting music videos for bands like Plaid (2002; see below), Basement Jaxx (2004; see below) and Pleix member Bleip (see below). They also got down with Groove Armada in 2007 (in which a couple of rabbits went doggy style) and they went even more doggy in Vitalic's Poney Part 1 in 2006. Additionally, Pleix has made a stack of eye-popping commercials for brands like Duracell, Amnesty and Adidas.







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